Bouncy Castles for Wedding Receptions

One of the decisions you have to make when planning a wedding is whether or not to allow children to attend. This will probably depend on how formal an occasion you want it to be, and on where you are holding the reception. It is unreasonable to expect small children to sit quietly for hours while their parents are enjoying themselves, so you could hire a childrens' entertainer to keep them occupied. If you have some outdoor space an alternative would be to hire a bouncy castle.
There can't be many children who don't enjoy playing on a bouncy castle, and there are numerous businesses around the country waiting to hire you their particular version. However there are some safety considerations to think about before letting the children loose, and the following points have been taken from the safety guide provided by one of the hiring companies.
A responsible ADULT must supervise the Bouncy castle at all times.
All shoes, glasses, jewellery and badges must be removed before using the Bouncy Castle.
Make sure that the Bouncy Castle is not overcrowded, and try to avoid large and small children from using it at the same time.
Always ensure that the children aren't behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.
Make sure that children are not attempting somersaults, are dressed appropriately, and that nothing can fall out of their pockets.
Don't allow food, drinks or chewing gum on or near the Bouncy Castle to avoid choking and mess.
The bouncy castle will probably have an upper age limit specified so ensure that no-one over this age uses the equipment. Unless specified, even childish adults are not allowed to use the equipment.
Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls can be dangerous and shouldn't be allowed.
Do not let anyone bounce on the front safety step as a child could easily bounce off the inflatable and get hurt. The step is there to provide a safe entry and exit point to the castle.