Tips to Finding Your Wedding Dress

author01 jordan 1/18/2017 5:15:14 PM

Tips to Finding Your Wedding Dress

Book an appointment

Lots of bridal boutiques offer a booking service so that they can offer each bride their undivided attention and make the whole experience more pleasurable for everyone.

Know the style you are looking for.

Do your research and check out some bridal magazines and websites to get a good idea of what style of wedding dress you really want, other wise you run the risk of being overwhelmed by mountains of lace and taffeta.

Wear the correct underwear.

You should ideally wear the underwear you intend to wear on your big day as it can affect the way your dress will look, and any measurements will be more accurate.
Remember – no fake tan or overloaded foundation as orange stains on crisp white satin is not a good look and may get you thrown out of the shop.

Don't pay the deposit unless you are 100% sure

Most bridal boutiques do not offer a refund so be very sure you have chosen 'the one' and have agreed any alterations and time scale.

Know your budget and the add on costs.

To save time and disappointment, know your budget and share it with the boutique assistants.
Remember that alteration cost will be charged according to how much work is involved and the amount of time they will take to complete.

Keep your entourage small.

To lessen the all-round stress, limit your companions to just one or two family members or friends. Most bridal boutiques tend to be small intimate places with limited space and staff. Too many voices will cause confusion and leave everyone frustrated.