First Wedding Dances

author01 jordan 1/18/2017 5:12:36 PM

One of the iconic moments of any wedding reception is the happy couple's first dance, when they take to the floor for the first time as man and wife. This is something for the guests to look forward to, but an event which fills some couples with dread. As with most things, good preparation makes it easier.


Many couples these days are taking first dance lessons to make them feel more confident when the spotlight is on them. There are usually various packages on offer depending on the level of proficiency required. Some couples will be happy to manage a slow waltz around the dance floor to kick things off, while others will be more ambitious and might have invested heavily in time and money to produce something special. You don't even need to complete the opening song yourselves – just give it a couple of minutes then call on the guests to join you. Bear in mind that you are not aiming for the Strictly final, but to just get around the dance floor without tripping up or standing on each other's feet. If you can look as if you are enjoying it, that will be even better.


Many couples have a special song which means a lot to them, and which they would like to dance to. Just consider how easy it would be to dance to first – there is no point in making it harder for yourselves.Your dance tutor will be able to help with fitting your steps to the music.